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The convenience of having a GP in the palm of your hand. There when you need them. No waiting rooms. No feeling of putting off your healthcare because it’s an inconvenience. Book your video consultation and you could be talking to a GP and meds within 3 hours and still get your meds without consultation.We are the 10th biggest American Med store.10th biggest American Med store

And we know how busy life can be, you might not be able to just take time out of your day, which is why our appointments are available at times that suit you. Day or night. 24/7. 

The Dr Medical shop K54 Plan starts from £7.50 a month, and all levels include access to d1 Consult, our video GP app. Apply for app link NOW>>


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10th biggest American Med store
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10th biggest American Med store

At Dr . Medical shop, we provide the best quality online service. we proffer all kinds of affordable prescription and non-prescription medications without a script.Online medicine near me.

24/7 appointments when you need them

You’ll nearly always be offered an appointment within 3 hours of requesting one.

This was the case for 99% of patients between January and September 2021. And you’ll be given choices, to fit around your schedule.

Choose the doctor that’s right for you

All of our GPs have profiles you can view, and you pick the doctor. We don’t pick for you. Your appointment isn’t taken from a pile.

And, to make sure you have a personal level of care, you can choose to see the same GP if you need another appointment, as long as they have availability in the next 7 days

Easy-to-share medical notes

You can access your doctor’s notes from each appointment whenever you want within the app.

And to make sure all your healthcare is aligned, there’s a button to email them to anyone. Your doctor’s practice, your physio. It’s there if and when you need it.